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Hava Java

Coffee by Columbiana Microgreens

Coffee.   We love coffee and we're serious about our coffee.   We think you should be too.    

Did you know that coffee that has been roasted over a week ago is becoming STALE, DEAD, and INERT?  Of course this means that literally every canister, bag, and container of coffee on store shelves or in national coffee chains is STALE, DEAD, and INERT.  They could even spend years in a warehouse.  By the way, why do you think so much sugar and milk and flavors are used? How can you possibly taste coffee in all that mess?   


So here's the thing:  green coffee beans are alive.  They're living seeds.  Like any other seed they will be viable for a number of years if stored correctly.   However once roasted,  those living seeds are slowly doomed.  Roasting kickstarts over 1,500 chemical reactions inside those seeds...  making fresh roasted coffee one of the most densely packed phytonutrient and healthy beverages in the world.   Hey, Mayo Clinic says so.  So do other medical sources and white papers.  There IS an "association between fresh roast coffee and decreased mortality".   Fresh roast coffee also offers protection against "Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, heart attack, and stroke".   Whoa... not us saying that; scientists are.  We listen.  Here's a short TEDX talk about it.  And, here's Dr. William Li talking about it: Health Benefits of Coffee.    

The KEY is: FRESH ROASTED COFFEE.   After one week the molecular reactions start to slow to a stop and the coffee becomes STALE, DEAD, and INERT.  Sure, caffeine and flavor but the health benefits are mostly gone pretty quickly so it's important that you drink freshly roasted coffee and not something that's been on the shelf for months and years.      


When we receive our green coffee beans we immediately vacuum seal them in "one week" portions.  And we will sell our coffee in "one week" portions (figuring one 12 cup pot a day).  That's about 13-14 ounces per bag pre-roasting.   Roasting does make the beans larger while reducing their weight, just so you know.

At our prices, this comes out to about .20 cents per cup of 'world class' coffee.   Not even the 'golden arches' can beat that. 

Currently, we are 1) taking online orders and sending USPS, 2) have them available for pickup at our location in Columbiana, or 3) you can buy our "Hava Java" coffee at the Dutch Cupboard store (in the plaza directly behind Das Dutch Haus) at 14895 South Ave., Columbiana, OH.               

So...  come and take a look at our coffee beans...

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