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The Story of Columbiana Microgreens

Columbiana Microgreens LLC (a Veteran owned business) was founded at the start of this year (2023) with several goals in mind.  First, we wanted to construct a self-reliant micro farm that would provide nutrient dense greens, fresh herbs, and sprouts for ourselves.  Second, provide product on a small commercial basis. To that end we grow and sell a half dozen different types of fresh sprouts and microgreens from a small footprint operation, allowing us to closely monitor and produce high quality greens.  Additionally, we're growing four species of bamboo for it's biomass material, edible shoots, and building research.  Garlic. horseradish, and honeybee products are also being grown, cultivated, and sold.   Let's talk coffee.  Check out our locally roasted coffee beans from around the world.  We will roast them to perfection and they are available now.  Finally, we are growing eight varieties of hops (for ourselves and hopefully for local breweries).  All of these retail activities will support the farm operations and our growing community outreach programs.

In the near future we plan to turn our bee hive products into honey, beeswax candles, and mead (fermented honey - the nectar of the gods), and we are going to distill something new and special from our bamboo...  you'll have to wait and see.   


By summer of this year we hope to have a open-air covered pavilion where you can come out and enjoy the peaceful outside country air with a fresh cup of coffee (and of course avail yourself of our WiFi services).  


Approximately a third to a half of the farm space will be turned over to the local Christian community allowing families a place to work their very own garden; we will provide tools and instruction.   In addition, we're planning to provide over a dozen raised small 'Alzheimer's friendly' gardening beds for residents of the local Alzheimer's facility down the road.  We'd like to create a positive experience for these residents,  outdoors and connecting with nature.  It is our way to "give back" and to nurture community, caring, and coop activities with friends and neighbors while under a Christian umbrella.      

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts for you, and we promise to strive to make our products and your experience as rewarding as possible. 

Thank you

"Our solemn duty is to resist evil in our time and our place, and to suffer, if it comes to that, for the sake of the Truth, which we Christians believe became incarnate as a man. But listen, if you are not even aware of the true nature of the war we are in, your effectiveness in the battle is going to be limited, and it might even be that you are defeated before you even began to fight."

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