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This bean is produced in Lintongnihuta within Lake Toba’s southern shores. Workers prepare the Mutu Batak bean with heavy vigilance––they are completely sun-dried and triple-picked.  Mutu Batak is a potent smelling coffee, earthy and with a rustic-tinged sweetness from front to back. The dry grounds give off sweet caramel notes, a pipe tobacco accent, and a savory umami hint. The wet aroma is marked by smells I tend to associate with Lintong coffee, rustic palm sugar and some green mossy hints, along with an intense bittersweetness that pulls all the outlier aspects closer to the ground.  This coffee is Kick-Butt.  Not for the faint of heart.  One of my favorites. 


Tasting Notes:  Earth-toned sweetness, rustic date and palm sugars, pungent bittersweetness, raw cacao, sharp tobacco, peat/scotch aromatic accent, inky thick body, licorice hint.  And all around Kick Butt flavors.


15 ounce bag  (medium roast or dark roast)  About enough for a 12 cup pot a day, for one week. 



Sumatra Mutu Batak

    • Variety:  Ateng, Jember, Garundang
    • Organic: no
    • Brightness:  5
    • Body:  9
    • Complexity: 9
    • Sweetness:  1
    • Fruity:  1
    • Flowery: 2
    • Chocolatey:  1
    • Earthy:  9+
    • Winey:  1
  • You can buy our coffee at:

    1) Harbel's Market (Firestone Farm) on Saturdays (10am-2pm). 

    2) Lamppost Farms on Saturdays.

    3) The Dutch Cupboard on 14895 South Ave. Ste A, Columbiana, OH 44408, right behind Das Dutch Haus.

    You can purchase mail order, and you can choose to pickup your coffee order at Columbiana Microgreens.

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