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Ethiopia grows some of the world’s finest coffees.  They're known for their complexity and flavor profiles you won't find anywhere else.  This coffee bean is a Grade 1 Yirgacheffe (no flaws found in these beans).    These Misty Valley coffee cherries are subject to superior care from beginning to end.  In the last 48 hours of drying, these coffee beans are constantly turned to provide even evaporation. This provides supreme consistency.  The resulting flavor reminds tasters of blueberry muffins.

Tasting Notes:  Blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, floral, clean, consistent, balanced, bright lemony sweetness.


~14 ounce bag  (medium roast or dark roast)  About enough for a 12 cup pot a day, for one week. 


Ethiopian Misty Valley

    • Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom cultivars
    • Organic: no
    • Brightness:  7
    • Body:  7
    • Complexity: 9
    • Sweetness:  5
    • Fruity:  9
    • Flowery: 6
    • Chocolatey:  9
    • Earthy:  2
    • Winey:  5
  • You can buy our coffee at:

    1) Harbel's Market (Firestone Farm) on Saturdays (10am-2pm). 

    2) Lamppost Farms on Saturdays.

    3) The Dutch Cupboard on 14895 South Ave. Ste A, Columbiana, OH 44408, right behind Das Dutch Haus.

    You can purchase mail order, and you can choose to pickup your coffee order at Columbiana Microgreens.

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