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Harrar coffee is grown in the Ethiopian Eastern Highlands and produces a very distinctive wild varietal Arabica bean. Harrar is not only the eastern-most growing region in the whole country, but it’s also a remarkable coffee with a deeper and less fruity taste than the Misty Valley bean.


Tasting Notes:   This coffee is smooth and full bodied. A bit sweet, winey, and bright, it delivers a hint of blueberry.


~14 ounce bag  (medium roast or dark roast)  About enough for a 12 cup pot a day, for one week. 

Ethiopian Longberry

    • Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom cultivars
    • Organic: no
    • Brightness:  6
    • Body:  6
    • Complexity: 5
    • Sweetness:  4
    • Fruity:  2
    • Flowery: 4
    • Chocolatey:  3
    • Earthy:  2
    • Winey:  5
  • You can buy our coffee at:

    1) Harbel's Market (Firestone Farm) on Saturdays (10am-2pm). 

    2) Lamppost Farms on Saturdays.

    3) The Dutch Cupboard on 14895 South Ave. Ste A, Columbiana, OH 44408, right behind Das Dutch Haus.

    You can purchase mail order, and you can choose to pickup your coffee order at Columbiana Microgreens.

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