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This is your cherry picked Colombian coffee. It's from Nariño, the southernmost district of Colombia. This bean is picked from specific growing conditions exclusively in high-altitude plantations exceeding almost 5000 feet. Only 6,000 of La Minita’s 150,000 bags are Reserva del Patrón yearly and stand to the highest standards.


Tasting Notes:   This is a bright, fruity, and well balanced cup of coffee with a strong body that is deep, rich, complex and bright. There are fruity overtones with a nice chocolate background and a hint of earthiness.


~14 ounce bag  (medium roast or dark roast)  About enough for a 12 cup pot a day, for one week. 

Columbian Reserva Del Patron

    • Variety: Borbon, Caturra, Typica
    • Organic: no
    • Brightness:  5
    • Body:  4
    • Complexity: 5
    • Sweetness:  4
    • Fruity:  3
    • Flowery: 0
    • Chocolatey:  3
    • Earthy:  4
    • Winey:  0
  • You can buy our coffee at:

    1) Harbel's Market (Firestone Farm) on Saturdays (10am-2pm). 

    2) Lamppost Farms on Saturdays.

    3) The Dutch Cupboard on 14895 South Ave. Ste A, Columbiana, OH 44408, right behind Das Dutch Haus.

    You can purchase mail order, and you can choose to pickup your coffee order at Columbiana Microgreens.

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