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Centennial is a mix of Brewer’s Gold, Fuggle, East Kent Golding and Bavarian hops it is sometimes referred to as super Cascade because of its similar citric characteristic.  Centennial is a versatile hop in its depth of bitterness and aroma — two characteristics that balance each other beautifully.  Well suited to Pale Ales and IPAs with its high alpha content and is floral in both flavor and aroma.


Locally grown, no pesticides, non GMO. 

Hops: Centennial

    • Flavorings:  Earthy and floral with a note of citrus
    • Purpose:  Bittering and Aroma
    • Alpha Acid Composition:  9.5%-11.5%
    • Beta Acid Composition:  3.5%-4.5%
    • Substitutes:  Chinook, Galena, Zeus
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