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Cascade is descended from Fuggle, Serebrianka and wild Native American hops.  It features all the characteristic citrusy, spicy, floral notes of American Cascade but with an additional delicate essence of grapefruit.  This is a versatile hop and can be used in any ale and is used in many Australian lagers. Cascades are extremely popular throughout the world and most widely used in American Pale Ales.


Locally grown, no pesticides, non GMO. 

Hops: Cascade

    • Flavorings:  Floral with cirus and grapefruit flavors
    • Purpose:  Bittering and Aroma
    • Alpha Acid Composition:  4.5%-8.9%
    • Beta Acid Composition:  3.6%-7.5%
    • Substitutes:  Centennial;, Amarillo, Columbus
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